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Neville: I’d be stunned if multiple players wanted to leave Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Gary Neville has responded to claims that lots of players want to leave Manchester United by insisting he would be stunned if that was the case.

Neville was on the money when he questioned the validity of Anderson’s quotes because of how easily their true meaning can get lost in translation but his points still stand strong regardless of the fact that Anderson’s quotes are now defunct.

When questioned on Monday Night Football about the prospect of lots of players leaving United, Neville said: “I’d be stunned at that.

“I mean the loyalty that the players have had to the club and the careers that they have had at the club, most of them, or the younger ones who had been playing in front of 75,000 people every week.

“There’s always a lot of distress at a big club – we’ve seen it with Arsenal in the last couple of years and we’ve seen it at Liverpool at times in this last ten years. These clubs come through these periods and like you say, I’d be amazed if Manchester United had a group of players who wanted to leave.

“Manchester United will be back where they belong and where they should be, challenging for titles.  It might take a bit of time but it will come. It was the same with Liverpool. You don’t keep these clubs quiet for 50-60 years. They don’t go away.”

As usual, Neville is on the money. It is unlikely a host of players will all of a sudden want out of United only six months into a title defence, no matter how poor it is currently going.

However, quite a few players may well leave in the summer even if they don’t completely want to as United are in dire need of an overhaul in certain areas of the pitch and personnel.

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