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Mata backed to be all-time great by his Manchester United idol

by Sam Peoples

Ryan Giggs has backed Juan Mata to become one of the greatest players at Manchester United if he can fulfill his own potential.

The 25-year-old moved to Old Trafford with heavy expectation on his shoulders as he joined with a £37 million but Giggs has insisted Mata should welcome the pressure because he has shown he is more than ready to withstand it.

When asked whether Mata could become one of United’s all-time greats, Giggs said: “I think he could be. He’s obviously got the talent.

“I don’t want to put too much pressure on him but I don’t see why not.

I think that coming here will help him with regards to playing for Spain as well, if he is playing week in and week out [for us]. Spain have got a great side so if we have a regular Spanish player within Manchester United, it will be great because they are such a good team at the moment.”

Mata’s arrival was met with meltdown among fans who couldn’t believe we had managed to sign Chelsea’s best playmaker from the past two years and Giggs admitted the players were equally as excited by his arrival.

He added: “The players are just like the fans. When they see a quality player come through the door, it gives them that excitement and you feel it around training. It gives everybody a lift.

“He has fitted in well. Obviously, we’ve played against him for the last three years and know the quality he has got. He’s fitted in straight away and speaks really good English – better English than most of the lads!”

These kind words from Giggs will mean more to Mata than most because Giggs is one of Mata’s idols, something he admitted way back in 2011.

Speaking about Giggs back in 2011, Mata said: ‘He showed what he’s worth with his goal the other day. He’s actually one of the best wingers that there has been and are around right now.

“I pay more attention to him because he plays in the same position I do. He’s an incredibly impressive player in his tackling, in his dribbling and in his general style.”

If there was one naturally wide left footed player to learn from, Giggs would be your man so Mata made a wise choice in that respect.

Mata’s had nothing but kind words and seals of approval from everyone that has worked him so far with the club and moving forward today, he just needs to be managed correctly to make sure he avoids any injury

Image: Twitter/MUFC_NL

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