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Manchester United 2-2 Fulham: Five lessons we learned

by Sam Peoples

Meulensteen outdid Moyes. Manchester United pinned Fulham into their own box from the first whistle with some real pressure but despite that, with almost their first venture into our half, Steve Sidwell scored to put Fulham ahead.

Following the goal, United peppered Fulham’s box and attempted an unbelievable 44 crosses in the first half but simply couldn’t score as there was nobody making the right runs into the box.

Predictably, United didn’t change anything in the second half and continued to fire in cross after cross. Even more predictably, 95% of them failed.

Then, United turned the game on its head in two minutes. Robin van Persie equalised from two yards out before Michael Carrick‘s deflected effort gave us the lead but it wasn’t good enough for the win thanks to a last minute equaliser from Bent.

Losing to Stoke and drawing to Fulham in a week? Can’t ignore the fact that United are in a crisis now.

There’s no point crossing if we aren’t attacking the balls. United attempted 81 crosses. 81. That’s just outrageous. More outrageous for the fact that hardly any of them were successful. They were balls into no-one.

It’s all good and well having crosses at United, we’ve always had wingers firing in crosses at Old Trafford. However, we’ve also had players getting on the end of them – unlike today.

What’s wrong with trying something different as crossing clearly wasn’t working?

David Moyes has to shoulder a lot of the blame. United were atrocious today. Even if Bent hadn’t scored a last-minute equaliser, the performance was so dismal. Moyes’ tactics played a major role in that.

If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again right? United took that to the nth degree today. Where’s the alternative? When United did eventually score two goals, neither of them came from a cross.

I don’t understand the obsession with crossing when playing football on the floor plays to the strengths of this side so much more.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel. The most worrying thing about today was not the fact we conceded a last-minute equaliser but that there is nothing to suggest our performances are going to change anytime soon.

Moyes is making himself look tactically inept when plan A doesn’t work. He has no plan B. His plan B is to keep trying plan A stubbornly, blindly ignoring the possibility of trying other things to create chances. Confidence in Moyes’ ability to mastermind a new, exciting United is dwindling among fans now.

Can it get any worse? Fulham were bottom of the Premier League. They were awful in their midweek loss to League One’s Sheffield United. Earlier this season, Hull City spanked them 6-0. Yet, United drew against them.

We’re now nine points behind Liverpool who are in fourth spot. Getting a Champions League spot is going to be a real struggle.

Image: Twitter/Premierleague

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