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PICTURE: Javier Hernandez puts more pressure on David Moyes with unnecessary message

by Sam Peoples

Javier Hernandez has once again hinted that his future at Manchester United is far from secure after sending a cryptic message out to his Instagram followers.

Earlier this season, Hernandez retweeted a Sky Sports interview with Carlos Vela where he said Hernandez would have to consider his future if he wasn’t playing more often.

Now, his message has once again placed a cloud of doubt over his future. He said: “The time to speak about so many things will come.”

Hernandez’s message is really disappointing to see.

He has every right to be frustrated at his lack of playing time but before Sir Alex Ferguson brought him to Old Trafford, he was playing in Mexico. He was just another Mexican footballer plying his trade out of the global spotlight.

His ascension has only come because we gave him the opportunity in much the same fashion as we did when we bought Ole Gunnar Solskjaer but instead of embracing his role as a member of the squad, Hernandez is clearly irked that his importance has diminished under David Moyes.

Hernandez may be grateful for what United have done for his career but speaking out right now at a time when David Moyes and United are under such immense pressures to perform isn’t right.

He should be standing by every decision that he makes because at least until the summer, he is a United player and needs to act in that way. We need the squad to be united off and on the pitch, not for our players to make it obvious that frustration is affecting the team as well.

The last thing we need is players speaking out and stirring the proverbial pot, and Hernandez could do with taking a leaf from Rafael’s book in that case.

Image: Twitter/laaficion

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