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How David Moyes’ pre-match Arsenal press conference should have gone

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has just held his pre-match press conference ahead of Manchester United’s trip to Arsenal tomorrow, and it was about as inspiring as a limp piece of seaweed.

It seems like Moyes has taken tips from the official Twitter account because the way he presents himself in a press conference just isn’t United.

Meek and semi-defeatist, Moyes’ approach to questions fills fans with about as much confidence as Buttner at left-back and he needs to buck the trend of blaming everything under the sun apart from who is really at fault – Moyes and the players.

If Carlsberg did press conferences, today would have sounded more like this:

Reality: “We’ll always try to get a good result against them. We got a good result against them at Old Trafford earlier on in the season and we’ll try to do the same again.

What we wanted to hear: “We’re champions. We’ve not lost to Arsenal in our last five Premier League meetings and they got slaughtered by Liverpool 5-1. We’re confident.”

Reality: “I think we’ve played better in several games, but in that one we got the one goal and that sometimes makes the difference. We’ll go and play the way we are, we are a top side and hopefully we’ll go and show that. We’ll play well and do everything we can to pick up all three points.”

What we wanted to hear: “We’ve been below par and I’m not going to pretend otherwise but this is United, we belong at the top. I’m going to make sure we get there, starting with a win against Arsenal.”

Reality: “You just continue doing the right things, we’re doing the right things. We just need to keep going because our luck will change, there’s no doubt about that.”

What we wanted to hear: “The players need to improve, it’s not good enough and I need to make sure they buck their ideas up. Our situation is nobody’s fault apart from our own.”

Moyes needs to fill fans with confidence but all he says is ‘trying, hopefully, make it difficult or luck’ over and over again. He also needs to accept blame because deflecting responsibility is leaving him with egg on his face.

This isn’t Everton, we aren’t here to make anything difficult for people or to ride our luck. This is United and he really needs to start talking like our manager.

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