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David Moyes looks like he is starting to crack under the pressure

by Sam Peoples

Some of the things that David Moyes said in his press conference yesterday were the opposite of what you want the manager of Manchester United to say. His attitude was almost defeatist.

Now, The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor has taken to breaking down Moyes’ conference into further detail and unfortunately, the evidence makes for more grim reading about Moyes’ current state of mind.

Summarising the press conference, Taylor wrote: “What quickly became evident was that this was not going to be a time for forensic analysis. His players had been “terrific,” he said. “The players are doing great. I think I’ve got a great group of players. I’m very fortunate I took over the champions and I think the players have been terrific.”

“It was gently pointed out that his team were 21 points worse off than at this stage last season. “Well, I was at Everton so I wasn’t 21 points worse off,” he replied. “I was at Everton.”

“OK, but United, how has it gone that way? “The improvement in the teams in the Premier League has been big,” he said. “There have been a lot of improvements from sides in the Premier League and obviously we’ve not done as well.” That was about as expansive as it became.

“Was it time to try something different? “I disagree with that as well.” Even though the results are not what they should be? “I can only give you my answer. I disagree.” More staring.

“By the end, however, Moyes could scarcely go through the motions when he was asked whether the team had to reproduce the form they showed when beating Arsenal at Old Trafford earlier in the season. He just nodded and stared. So, to clarify, did he think they could reproduce that level? “Yeah, I think we can.” Could he explain? “Because we have done it before.” It has been a long time, though. “You asked me a question about Arsenal and I am just answering your question. I think we can.”

There are some real face-palm moments here but Moyes’ disagreement that something different is needed is as worrying as it gets. Is he that stubborn?

Also, his deflection of United being 21 points worse off this season was witty yet probably delivered through gritted teeth by the sounds of it. Was he being facetious? I’ve never met a dour Scot who has the ability to be facetious.

In his defence, Moyes got taken apart like an A-Level biology teacher dissecting a frog in front of beady eyes in this article.

Since when did a manager’s press conference receive such Crown Court inspection? Given, some of what Moyes said was indeed criminal but this takes scrutiny to a new height. 

Moyes is learning on the job in the most unforgiving of environments and there is no chance that the media are going to slow up given that he is Manchester United’s manager.

Unfortunately for him, pressure will continue to build like an awakening volcano and unless United can win to release some of that pressure, it might not be long before Moyes really starts to crack.

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