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Why David Moyes’ break from England could be perfect for Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

There is no manager in world football who is under more pressure than David Moyes is at Manchester United right now.

Of course, a lot of it his own doing. United are languishing in the Premier League and some fans have started to become disillusioned because of what is happening with the club but United, and Moyes, are close to having a much-needed break that could be a way to calm the storm.

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This week, United will travel to Dubai for a five-day warm weather training session and it will give Moyes the chance to get away from the growing scrutiny of the British press.

Last year, United went to Qatar in January for some warm weather training and we won the title, so it certainly didn’t do us any harm. Hopefully this break will have the desired effect.

Moyes has probably had only a handful of days off since taking over the reigns in July and he looks haggard. It is impossible to escape the pressures of being United boss no matter where you are and although an intense warm weather training session will be anything but a foreign jaunt, the change of scenery could re-energise both Moyes and the squad, Moyes in particular.

He’s the one who really needs a lift and detaching himself from the Premier League for a week could be just the tonic he needs to re-find focus and more energy.

Something had to change give how this season has gone so far and if the players can return with recharged batteries ahead of the run-in along with a refreshed Moyes, then a top four finish is reachable.

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