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Moyes on top four chances, midfielders, Van Persie and warm weather break

by Sam Peoples

Top four chances

“All I can do – and I keep saying it – is we will try and win the next game and pick it up.

“If there is one club in history who have been great at winning games in the second half of the season and putting pressure on the teams above it is Manchester United. We will continue to try and do that and make it work.

“We can only do our job the best we can. We want to play better. We cannot bother about other teams. We can only put pressure on by winning our games.”

Van Persie 

“I would like to have played better sometimes when we went forward. But we had opportunities to score, even from the first minute when Robin had a great chance. What a chance! I was out of my seat right away. He’s got a great record against Arsenal so I was hoping for that one to go in.

“Then Robin had the one later on in the game when the keeper made a great save – I thought that might be the one. That was from a great bit of play and a great counter attack. Wayne’s pass was fantastic and I actually thought that Robin would score with the header. When I’ve seen it again, I’ve thought that maybe he could have gone back across goal and wrongfooted the goalkeeper. I think all the credit has to go to the goalkeeper for pulling it out [almost from] the back of the net.”

Cleverley and Carrick in midfield

“I thought Tom Cleverley had a super game tonight. He covered every blade of grass and made sure he was in the right position at the right time. He did a great job with Michael Carrick. I thought our shape and organisation were good tonight.”

Warm-weather training trip

“We don’t normally talk about it but you [BT Sport] have asked me the question. We’ll try and make sure we give the players some good work and we’ll try and make sure they get some relaxation as well.”

Solid defensive display

“It was a tight game, I think they [these fixtures] have been in the past. We won 1-0  at Old Trafford and it was tight. Both teams had opportunities but it ended up 0-0. I thought overall we looked quite compact and we defended well throughout the game and we had to do so. Overall defensively we looked sound and on the face of it we looked in control. I am happy because I think we played some good stuff, we were well organised and defended well. That was really important as when you come to Arsenal you’ve got to be hard to beat. You can’t allow the small players to influence the game. In the main, we did that.”

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