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Mata: Manchester United is one of the greatest clubs in the world

by Sam Peoples

Juan Mata has said all the right things since he became a Manchester United player, from talk about how excited he was to move to his first Old Trafford experience.

Every Monday, Mata writes his own blog for Grada360 which really allows fans to connect with him on a more personal level and he is quickly emerging as a fans’ favourite.

Now, in an interview with Spanish television’s Canal +, Mata has (correctly) insisted that Manchester United are one of the greatest clubs in the world.

“Manchester United is one of the greatest clubs in the world,” he proclaimed.

“When you’re outside of it, you think of it.When you’re here, you notice.”

Mata is so well spoken for a footballer and it really comes across in how he presents himself. From his very first press conference, it was obvious how confident and assured he was going to be as a United player, so it has proved.

When questioned on his debut for the club, Mata admitted that playing at Old Trafford was something that was hard to put into words.

He said: “It was emotional. I played here as the away side, but playing here at home.. just imagine..”

The more Mata talks, the more he endears himself to United fans. The full interview sees Mata talk about the likes of Robin van Persie, David de Gea and Jose Mourinho in-depth and we will try and get a full transcription as soon as possible.

All translations originally provided by Jonas Giaever.

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