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Wayne Rooney’s new contract shows that Manchester United couldn’t win with the press

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s longstanding negotiations with Wayne Rooney came to an end yesterday as pen was put to paper on a record-breaking four-year contract extension that will see Rooney remain at the club until 2019.

The 28-year-old will earn a reported £300,000 a week from it and obviously, it has dominated the back pages because Rooney is the biggest name in English football.

United are in 7th place in the Premier League, had our big player signing credentials questioned and faced a potential exodus of players in the summer in light of our current situation. The club could have ill afforded to lose Rooney in light of all that and we didn’t, but it has been perceived as a desperate weakness by many.

Understandably, there wasma split among United fans where some are happy and others angered by the new contract – that was always going to happen – but it is in the press where the picture is painted.

Mark Ogden epitomised this argument with an article he released at 2.30pm yesterday afternoon.

I read the article Ogden wrote as soon as he published it and the headline insisted that Manchester United signing Wayne Rooney made the club look ‘desperate’.  Now, the headline reads a whole lot different yet the content of the article remains the same. Spin doctor extraordinaire.

United couldn’t win with this Rooney situation.

If we didn’t get Rooney to sign a new deal, we would have looked weak as one of our biggest players was going to leave. If we signed a new deal worth £300,000 a week, we would have looked weak as Rooney would have successfully exerted some more player power on the club. It turned out to be the latter weak.

As it stands, Rooney has got a new deal he wanted and United have secured the future of one of our best players despite sitting 7th in the Premier League. The cash is only burning a hole in the Glazers’ pockets anyway, better it goes on a players’ contract than using it to pay off debt.

Image: Twitter/FootballFunnys

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