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Moyes: The best players will stay and we’ll be adding to it

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has insisted Wayne Rooney‘s big contract with Manchester United is the first of many and that it will be followed by new players joining the squad to add to its quality.

United securing Rooney on a long-term deal is as much of a statement signing as Adnan Januzaj or Juan Mata were and those three signings are fantastic business, but it is only the tip of the iceberg according to Moyes.

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“We’re building a new team and the best players will stay and we’ll be adding to it,” Moyes said after the game against Crystal Palace.

In the summer, Moyes insisted that United were always after the best players and while it was what fans wanted to hear, its appeasement was short-lived as none arrived aside from Marouane Fellaini. There was no real reason to really believe him.

However, United’s business during this season has shown that both the money and pulling power is there in equal measure.

Managing to sign one of your biggest rivals’ best players and secure the long-term future of one your own players as well as your promising youngster is a feat that shows real strength in the market, despite popular belief that power had been lost.

This summer, United really do have to add top quality players to fill certain voids in the squad and the money is there to make it happen. All that is left is Moyes and Woodward to negotiate (what could possibly go wrong?)

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