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Moyes: I take responsibility, it’s my team and I’ll always front up

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has not attempted to shy away from Manchester United’s diabolical performance against Olympiacos with transparent excuses of luck and has accepted responsibility for the loss.

Olympiacos were made to look like Barcelona on the night as a lifeless United cowered and let the Greek side walk all over them like a shaggy rug.

It was the worst European performance from United in a long time and Moyes at least didn’t try to deny it.

“It’s the worst we’ve played in Europe, that’s for sure,” he said.

“A really poor performance tonight. We never got going from the start and we didn’t deserve anything because of the way we played tonight.

“We just never really got to grips with things. To a man, you could hardly pick anyone out, we just didn’t perform. We came into the game in good form, a good mind-set, but we didn’t show that tonight.”

Accepting responsibility is something that any manager needs to do to deflect attention away from the players which is precisely what Moyes has done, but he still tried to pick some positives from it despite the atrocious performance.

“I still didn’t think we were necessarily two goals worse off in the game,” he added.

“We had a shot that gets deflected, but we didn’t offer enough on the night.

“I take responsibility, it’s my team and I’ll always front it up. We didn’t play well tonight and we have to play better. We can do. The one good thing is that there is the second game to go.

“The players are hurting as well. They know how they performed. But there is a team here, that won’t change, and we’ll stick together.

“There is the second game to come and Old Trafford has seen some great nights in the past – I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing another one.”

The fans are hurting but the players aren’t responding and nobody deserved to be wearing the United shirt against Olympiacos at the full-time whistle.

United are in a bad place after that loss and now have to wait ten days before anything can be said on the pitch to remedy it.

Image: Twitter/espn

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