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Roy Keane reacts angrily to Manchester United’s performance and post-match interviews

by Sam Peoples

Roy Keane has lambasted Manchester United for their performance against Olympiacos and slated the quality of the squad by saying that it isn’t good enough to challenge the best in European football.

Keane didn’t mince his words (when does he ever?) and he was particularly critical of Michael Carrick‘s post match interview, which is what sparked his reaction.

“That interview was just like the performance, flat,” he said.

“He should say a bit more, have a bit more urgency even in his interview. That just reflected United’s performance tonight: Flat, with no urgency.

“They keep saying, ‘Ah, well, next game, next game’. For some of them there won’t be another game. That’s the reality.”

Keane is always very strong and forthwith with his words and on this occasion, he is spot on that United’s performance was woefully limp but to be fair to Carrick, his interviewer was trying to trap him with every question into blaming somebody for the result.

“I don’t think any of us could have predicted that. They (United) just never turned up. They (Olympiacos) were very, very good and technically they were better than United tonight.”

When asked what specifically was the root of United’s problem this season, Keane didn’t pinpoint any individual errors but instead pointed towards the collective troubles that this season has posed and insisted that United needed six ‘quality players’ to be strong again.

He added: “There’s a number of things: new manager, new ideas. United have missed out on some players over the past two years.

“There’s some players playing tonight for Man United who just aren’t showing enough quality.

“I think United need six top quality players. I would think David Moyes has been shocked. I think when he went into United in the summer he probably looked at the players and was expecting great things.

“Privately, he’s probably been shocked at the lack of quality he’s working with.”

Moyes might be shocked at how his squad are playing but he is no less shocked than United fans are to see a side which won the Premier League last year fall from grace so quickly.

Do you agree with Roy Keane?

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