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Bayern’s love affair with Muller indicates why Kroos is frustrated in Germany

by Sam Peoples

Bayern Munich are currently in a delicate situation with Toni Kroos as the midfielder wants financial parity with some of Bayern’s biggest earners so that he feels like a valued member of the squad.

As it stands, Bayern are unwavering in their stance that Kroos will not be able to dictate to the club but economic director Jan Christian-Deesen has revealed that an offer will soon be given to Kroos that shows ‘how much he is appreciated’ by the club.

Whether that satisfies Kroos remains to be seen but what is interesting in comparison is how Bayern have dealt with rumours that Thomas Muller could join Barcelona.

Sporting director Matthias Sammer told Sport Bild that Muller was a ‘beacon of Bayern’ who the club wanted to go a ‘very, very long way with’, indicating very strongly that the club had absolutely no intention of letting Muller leave.

“Whether from Spain or England – what is also speculation about Thomas Müller or other players come or could come, they are all on club bounce,” Sammer said.

“He has a red and white heart and is not just a part, but a beacon of FC Bayern. We therefore want to go very, very long way with him.”

Muller has responded to claims he may leave and told TZ he isn’t considering leaving the club but the comparison with Muller’s situation is interesting because Bayern have never spoken so effusively of Kroos and certainly haven’t labelled him a ‘beacon of Bayern’.

They have insisted he is important to the club but in equal measure, have warned him no player is indispensable and that he shouldn’t play poker with the club in his negotiations for a better deal.

If Bayern had publicly praised Kroos in a similar fashion and supported him as strongly as they have done with Muller, then he would have felt more valued which may have avoided the current situation being so public.

It’s an example of the lack of parity that Kroos’ frustration has come from and an indication of how different his situation is in Bayern in comparison to others, which is why there is no guarantee he will definitely sign a new deal with the German club.

Image: Twitter/Goal

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