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Evra sends a strong message out that other United players should follow

by Sam Peoples

Patrice Evra has come out in vehement support of David Moyes and proclaimed he wouldn’t consider leaving Manchester United until his love was broken with the club.

The 32-year-old was equally at fault for the Olympiacos loss as the rest of the squad was but he has now come out and voiced his support whereas others have caused trouble by sending out mixed messages.

“There was a big change, it must be digested – nobody likes change,” Evra told French radio station RMC.

“The team played for over 28 years with Alex Ferguson.

“It is behind the new manager, we will do everything to qualify for the next Champions League.”

At a time where there is such little passion flowing out of the club, fighting talk like this is what United players should be doing and while you can lambast Evra for some of his own field performances, how he carries himself off the pitch for the club is flawless.

Rumours circulated that Evra was close to joining Inter Milan but later in the interview, he also admitted that he still loved being a United player and didn’t want it to change yet.

‘My love will not change for the club,’ he added.

“I love Manchester. When my love will be broken with Manchester, I will study the possibilities.”

Evra’s departure in the summer was seen as a given by many but because he has made more than 25 starts for the club this year, he will have the option of triggering a one-year extension himself.

By the sounds of it, Evra would sign the contract without blinking or thinking.

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