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Manchester United will stand by David Moyes and won’t sack him

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes and Manchester United are going to be all over the back pages for the foreseeable future because of the situation the club currently finds itself thanks to the performances on the pitch.

The general consensus from the press is that the United are in support of Moyes and are not considering sacking him. The Guardian went one step further by insisting the Glazers have so much belief in Moyes that they feel he will win the title next season.

Here are the angles that the press have run with:

The Guardian: The Glazers have backed David Moyes to rebuild ageing United

The Times: David Moyes is in danger of being overwhelmed by Manchester United’s slide

Daily Mail: Sort it Moyes – He’s safe for now, but United demand swift progress

The Independent: David Moyes handed 12 games to convince Manchester United he is still the right man for the job

Daily Star: Moyes won’t be axed

Daily Mirror: United board losing faith with Moyes

The Express: Moyes has got one transfer window to save his job

No matter what is going on behind closed doors, the reality remains the same – United are in a diabolical situation right now that could get a whole lot worse as our next two home games are against Liverpool and Manchester City. Time to buckle up.

Image: Twitter/ESPN

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