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This Everton fan’s letter to Moyes from 2012 should worry United fans

by Sam Peoples

Two open letters from Manchester United fans emerged today from the Manchester Evening News and 101GreatGoals pleading to David Moyes to buck up his ideas but, in what makes grim reading, it’s not the first time it has happened.

Back in 2012, an Everton fan writing on SOS1878 wrote his own open letter to Moyes after losing patience with him and for every United fan, the parallels to our current problems are both worrying and accurate in equal measure.

Here is an extract  from the letter:

“Every team can play passing, attacking football no matter how much money they’ve spent; the two teams I mentioned prove it and believe me, they are both far more exciting to watch than David Moyes’ Everton.

“You have turned strikers like Beattie, Johnson and Yakubu from being top class goalscorers into ordinary players by asking them to play wide chasing hopeful long punts from the back. Sorry but that’s not a centre forwards job, you provide service to any striker and they will score goals.And the place where they are most effective is in the penalty area, not by the corner flag.

“It appears that you have decided that the Moyes way is the way Everton are going to play even though it’s clearly not working, over half the season gone and not a single performance to get excited about.”

Avoiding passing football, playing it long and wide and a lack of exciting performances are three characteristics you can certainly apply to United’s season so far. Many saw Moyes’ Everton as a tough team to break down who had the ability to play incisive football as well – that’s not what this Everton fan thought.

Times are tough for United and Moyes right now because there is very little to be positive about this season and the fact that Moyes has caused fans to feel like this before is the most worrying aspect of it all.

Moyes out? This fan certainly thinks so…

Credit to @rascalvanruss for pointing this out

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