Hernandez responds angrily about comments twisted to be aimed at Van Persie

Hernandez responds angrily about comments twisted to be aimed at Van Persie

Javier Hernandez has hit out at the British press for twisting his words he wrote on an Instagram message to be an attack on Robin van Persie.

The Mexican posted the picture (below) with the following comment: “Without your team-mates you can’t be somebody in football, always be thankful.”

They were reported in the press as a response to Van Persie’s comments after Manchester United’s 2-0 loss to Olympiacos where he said he was frustrated at his teammates occupying positions he wanted to himself, something that Hernandez has completely denied.

Hernandez took to Twitter to quash the rumours before they spread any further and although he has played up with thinly veiled messages previously, he should be commended for responding to end the rumours so quickly before they caused any real damage.

One interesting point to note – Hernandez felt his words were twisted out of context and didn’t mean what the press reported with this Instagram but when a previous Instagram was used as fuel for his potential departure in the summer, he did not come out to reject those claims – as big an indication as any that he is considering leaving United in the summer.

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