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Mata on Olympiacos and winning the title with Manchester United next season

by Sam Peoples

Juan Mata remains confident that Manchester United will challenge for the Premier League title next year despite our dismal season in David Moyes’ first campaign in charge.

This is going to be the first season since the inception of the Premier League that United have finished outside the top three and in all likeliness, we are also going to miss out on a Champions League spot as well.

It’s new territory for United fans who have known nothing but stability and success under Sir Alex Ferguson in the Premier League. However, it hasn’t seemed to phase Mata.

“I think Man United is always going to be fighting for every title,” Mata told The Sun.

“This season in the Premier League we were not winning that well earlier in the season, but I think next year and the years coming this team is going to fight for every title.

“It is what it has to do and what it has always being doing.

“When you are outside of the club you see Man Utd as one of the biggest clubs in the world.

“And being inside you have time to realise it is true.”

“It’s been very good. From the first day I’ve felt really happy. Playing for this club is a big challenge for any player and for me as well. I feel I am at the perfect age to improve as a player and a person, so I think it will be a really good move for me.”

Mata has spoken more like a United player than some of our most senior players this season and he continues to say all the right things.

Yesterday, Mata wrote his weekly Grada 360 blog and he discussed, among other things, the pain of watching United lose in Olympiacos but refused to accept that we couldn’t turn the tie around in the second leg.

He said: “After last weekend’s win against Crystal Palace, we could not win on Champions suffering a painful loss in Greece. Moreover, as I can’t play Champions I had to watch the match at home and suffered as I couldn’t help! Nevertheless,although it’ll be difficult, I think we can comeback at Old Trafford with an incredible atmosphere thanks to our fans.”

Mata is proving to be an infectiously likeable player whose attitude is spot on which is something that certain United players could do with mimicking.

I’m sure he is surprised at how bad United are playing this season but when he joined in January, Mata knew the situation but hopefully his confidence is not misplaced about next year.

Image: Twitter/MUFC_NL

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