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Schmeichel: This summer you will see lots of players leave Manchester United

by Sam Peoples

Peter Schmeichel believes that Manchester United’s squad will have a massive overhaul in the summer and voiced his support for David Moyes.

The big Dane vented his frustration that a lot of United’s players were not giving their all in games and said that because Moyes has shown an ability to stay at a club for a very long time, he was the right choice to replace Sir Alex Ferguson.

“I think David is a great choice,” he told Sky Sports.

“He’s shown he’s got the pedigree, he’s got the ability, he can stay in a place for a very long time – he showed that at Everton.

“At United, we want our managers to stay a long time but this year has been really tough on him.

“He’ll learn a lot about himself, everyone will learn a lot about him and he will come out a lot stronger.

“I think he needs to sign a few players – how many I don’t know!

“But I think, equally important, he needs to offload a lot of players. There’s a lot of players there I’m very disappointed with.

“To be a Manchester United player, that carries a responsibility. You fight, never give in, even on days when it’s not happening for you, you still have to try.

“But I’ve seen, throughout the course of this season, some players who haven’t done that and this disappoints me.

“I think he will have learned who he can trust and who he can’t trust. And this summer, I think you’ll see a lot of players leave the club.”

Schmeichel is more than likely right that United are going to have a huge overhaul in the summer, is certainly right that a lot of the players need to buck their ideas up but I’m not sure where Schmeichel has seen any sort of pedigree from Moyes this season? If anything, he has been the polar opposite and more akin to a lost puppy than a thoroughbred.

Moyes apologists have very little to go on now in the current situation that United are in and he is quickly losing the support of the United faithful with each passing disappointing result.

There may be some big overhauls in the player department this summer but if things really have not improved at all, there could be changes in the managerial department too.

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