Manchester United’s fear about Adnan Januzaj is misplaced

by Sam Peoples

In a season full of mediocrity and disappointment, Adnan Januzaj has been one of the shining lights for Manchester United.

You’ve only got to take a look at Januzaj’s highlights so far this season to remember just how much impact the 19-year-old has had and the fact he is one of the first names on the team sheet for most Manchester United fans is a testament to how well he has done.

So when David Moyes decided to completely leave Januzaj out of the Champions League squad to face Olympiacos, it left fans scratching their heads.

That bemusement morphed into pure frustration after the performance in Greece and in that second half, Januzaj would have definitely come on to try and change the game but Moyes didn’t have that luxury. It was a naive mistake on his part to leave him out entirely.

Moyes’ decision to leave him out stemmed from his desire to use him in the run-in this season according to the Daily Mail but a fear that Januzaj will suffer from burn out is misplaced.

Sure, rest Januzaj for the odd game here and there but he only started one game out of five in February. A professional footballer, especially one with young fresh legs, does not require that much rest to ensure that they don’t suffer from burn out but Phil Neville has stood by the decision.

“It’s still early doors for him, though, and I think we’ve treated him right,” Neville told

“We’ve played him in games and we’ve also rested him in others and given him a bit of a breather.

“We have to make sure that in two or three years he’s still improving and reaching the levels we hope he can reach. That’s our job as coaches.”

Januzaj has been coached well on the majority this season, one of the few positives under Moyes’ tenure, but United can’t let a fear of fatigue stop us from using him at all.

Yes, Januzaj is 19 and we shouldn’t be relying on him to be our locomotive but in a season that has seen so little creative inspiration and guile, United are shooting themselves in the foot to leave him out so often.

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