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PICTURE: David Moyes sends a message to Manchester United season ticket holders

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has sent Manchester United season ticket holders to thank them for the continued support and appease the current tensions among United fans.

The Scot accepted the dismal state of affairs but remained defiant that United would soon be back competing for titles again.

In the letter, Moyes wrote: “While I knew that this job would be a challenge when I took it on, the difficult season we have experienced was not something that I envisaged, which I am sure is the case as well for you supporters – and my players, staff and I are desperate to compensate for that.

“You are accustomed to seeing a successful Manchester United and the backing you have given the players and me throughout the season has been incredible. Away from home the travelling fans have remained the best in the country while at Old Trafford your unwavering faith has been noticeable and hugely welcomed. Supporting your team when they are winning is easy but much harder when things are not going as well, and the loyalty you have shown us has been magnificent.”

Moyes goes on to state his certainty that “everything we have been through will make us a better, stronger team and club in the future. Over the years you have seen great winning sides here and, in time, I have absolutely no doubt that we will see great winning sides here again.”

The sentiment has good intentions but the rhetoric is wearing thin – how much longer can the diabolical performances be swept under the transitional carpet?

Moyes is sitting on a pressure cooker that is ready to explode and with Liverpool and Manchester City in the next three weeks, it could all be set to explode.

Image: Twitter/ESPN

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