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Pep Guardiola’s advice for Toni Kroos embodies why he might leave Bayern

by Sam Peoples

Pep Guardiola has told Toni Kroos he has what it takes to become an even better player at Bayern Munich and labelled him a great talent who has the time to improve in Bavaria.

The 24-year-old was praised for his current form and hailed by Guardiola as an important player with huge personality but done so in such a way that highlighted why Kroos is frustrated by his situation with Bayern.

“I said to him you have time to become an even better player,” Guardiola said.

“I hope he maintains this level of form – and for the next few seasons at this club.

“Toni is a young player, a great talent. He has time to improve, to gain better his skills. I spoke with him and said you have time to become a better player.

“He was very important in my first year here, in the first part of the season when [Mario] Gotze , [Javi] Martínez and Thiago [Alcantara] were injured, so we had few midfielders.

“Kroos with his huge personality, was very important.”

Guardiola embodies where Kroos’ frustration has stemmed from by calling him important because of injuries sustained to Gotze, Martinez and Thiago, rather than in his own right.

Kroos wants to step out of the shadow of some of Bayern’s highest earners and take centre stage himself which is why contract negotiations have stalled. Nether Kroos or Bayern are budging and right now, the two are at a stalemate. The club doesn’t want to bow to player power and vice versa.

So far, Kroos hasn’t been able to take centre stage under Guardiola and his policy of continuous rotation suggests that is unlikely to change any time soon – why would Bayern change?

Bayern have gone 49 league games unbeaten and are unstoppable under Guardiola. While what he is doing might not suit Kroos down to the ground, it is certainly working for the club.

Kroos will more than likely feature tonight against an Arsenal side given how well he played against them at the Emirates Stadium and if he does play, expect him to leave United fans drooling over his performance once again.

Image: Twitter/goal

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