Manchester United fans react to Robin van Persie announcement on Twitter

by Sam Peoples

In what was a rather unprecedented move, Manchester United and Robin van Persie decided to publicly respond to growing rumours that the Dutchman was unhappy at the club and wanted to leave in the summer.

It indicates that the rumours may have caused a ripple effect at the club or that they had started to affect Van Persie. Either way, the rumours have been put to bed for now and on the whole, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

However, some took a step back and considered Van Persie’s comments from a different angle.

At Arsenal, he was effusive about the club at every turn but ended up leaving for Manchester United.

Can Van Persie’s statement be trusted at face value?

There’s nothing negative in looking at Van Persie’s comments from both sides of the coin. This is football after all, where promises and pledges are broken more often than Manchester United records under David Moyes.

Ultimately, every Manchester United fan right now is happy because Van Persie should be able to concentrate solely on his football again but is this the end of questions surrounding Van Persie’s future?

What is your reaction to Robin van Persie‘s announcement?

Image: Twitter/manutdff

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