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Manchester United’s Brazilian-Belgian has so many similarities to Adnan Januzaj

by Sam Peoples

Andreas Pereira is a Manchester United academy player who has the potential to break into the first team squad in the next couple of years.

The 18-year-old has progressed well this season with both the Under-19s and Under-21s and the longer the season has gone on, the better he has played.

Like Adnan Januzaj, he was born in Belgium to parents who are not from there which means he has a dual nationality with Brazil, giving him the choice to pledge his international career to either – much like Januzaj has with Belgium, Kosovo, Albania and potentially England.

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The similarities with Januzaj don’t stop there either. Pereira is a player with creative flair who loves to dribble with the ball at his feet, has a keen eye for a killer pass and possesses a natural decision making ability that is continuously improving – sound familiar?

On top of all that, Pereira has revealed his father has had a dramatic influence on his career in an interview with Manutd.com in much the same fashion as Januzaj did.

“Everyone [in my family] is Brazilian – my father and my mother, I was just born in Belgium,” he said.

“I’ve played at Under-17 and Under-18 level for Belgium but stopped this year because I think it’s more important to develop here.

“My dad was a player in Belgium and that is why my family was there. He helped me with everything. All that I have learned, up to now, is from what he taught me.

“I think it helps a lot that he was a footballer. Sometimes my dad can say after a game what I did right and what I did wrong. We talk a lot. I can even watch it back on video with him as well now.”

When he puts in a top performance like he is more than capable of, Pereira’s talent really stands out at Under-21 level much like Januzaj’s did last year.

There will always be a place in United’s first team for individuals with creative flair like Pereira and if he can make the most of the rest of this season with the Under-21s, David Moyes may decide to give him an opportunity with the first team on the pre-season tour.

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