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Robin van Persie explains the truth about his relationship with David Moyes

by Sam Peoples

Robin van Persie‘s interview with ManUtd.com was an extremely unexpected yet welcome surprise for Manchester United fans as it put an end to current rumours that the Dutchman is unhappy and looking for a quick exit in the summer.

The 30-year-old has cut a frustrated figure in recent games and it was labelled as a tell tale sign he wasn’t happy with his current situation at Manchester United, but the Dutchman has now ended that speculation.

Further than that, Van Persie also shed some light on his relationship with David Moyes.

That was the area most fans had concern with but Van Persie has said he has a great relationship with Moyes who he is more than happy to continue working with.

“I’m very happy with my team-mates and I’m very happy with my manager and his staff,” he said.

“The sessions we have on the training ground are fantastic and I’m learning a lot from them every day. I’ve been a professional footballer for 12 years now and there’s no doubt I’m learning new things and progressing with David Moyes.

“Like I said, talk about my performances or talk about a tackle that was too late. I don’t mind. But it goes too far when people start suggesting, amongst other things, that I have a bad understanding with the manager. That’s not true at all.

“Over the last few years I’ve started to look more closely at the way coaches work to learn from them – not just here at the club but with the international team as well. I’ve worked with some brilliant coaches and I’ve taken a real interest in all the methods they use and the choices they make.

“I can tell you that Moyes’ sessions and the things he says in his team meetings are spot-on. I really enjoy working under him and I’m absolutely convinced things will pick up and we’ll turn it around.

“There is mutual respect between us and the work environment is actually good. He really wants things to work here at Manchester United and I want the same, just like the other players. We’re all working hard to make this work.”

That doesn’t sound like a player who is not happy working Moyes at all. Far from it. If anything, Van Persie sounds happy to work underneath the Scot contrary to the popular belief he didn’t like his coaching methods.

It’s good that either Van Persie or Manchester United took the decision to publicly respond to rumours. It isn’t an orthodox move but they can be particularly unsettling for a player if they gather too much pace and now that Van Persie has said this in public, it will let him concentrate on his football once again.

Hopefully, this public message of loyalty to both Moyes and United is the catalyst for Van Persie turning his individual performances around because there would be no point him pledging his future to the club if he isn’t giving 100% in every game is there?

Image: Instagram/robinvanpersie

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