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When Gary Neville let it all out against Liverpool…

by jonnyescott

It’s always nice beating the scousers – a feeling which is in many ways a challenge to describe.

The hatred between the two clubs fans is one of the biggest rivalries in world football but when players show that hatred too, it’s always a special moment and this game in 2006 had just that.

It wasn’t the most exciting of games. In fact if either team deserved it, it was Liverpool. Despite numerous opportunities, including Djibril Cisse missing an open net, they just couldn’t seem to score.

With the game slowly starting to peter out and both teams seemingly content to settle for a 0-0 draw, United got a corner. Giggs floated it in then and Ferdinand headed in the winner.

But that wasn’t the thing that made this game one to remember.

Whilst most of the players jumped over Rio to celebrate in front the Stretford End, down the other end of the pitch was Gary Neville who charged over to the travelling away fans and kissed the badge and celebrated as if he’d won the World Cup.

It was comical, it was over the top, it was controversial, but my word was it good.

This was one of the first experiences of players showing pure passion. It’s all good going out there on the pitch and trying 100% to get the win but showing that sort of passion almost summed up Neville’s persona.

From a neutral’s point of view and most certainly from a Liverpool fans point of views, he was in the wrong but from a United fan’s point of view, he put himself down in club folklore if he wasn’t already.

Manchester United Liverpool derbies are often controversial for some reason or another, but this one in particular will go down in history as one of the most controversial for more reasons than one.

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