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Manchester United 0-3 Liverpool: The best and the worst performances

by Sam Peoples

By Tika Taka United

What a terrible match yesterday was. Manchester United fans will have found that one of the hardest 90 minutes to endure and we’ll be looking into what happened over on Tika Taka United.

For now, we’re going to start with the first edition of what will be a regular feature here on The Peoples Person analysing the best and worst individual performances from each game.

Star performer

After the loss yesterday, choosing a star performer isn’t particularly pertinent. It’s pretty hard to pick one as we just were not at the races at all. It was more disappointing than ever to see how devoid of ideas we looked and even more disappointing to have to pick a player as star performer who nearly got sent off and gave away a penalty. That’s how bad we were. However, if there was one person that put everything on the line and showed how much he wanted to win, it was Rafael.

The challenge on Gerrard was a rash one, but that’s Rafael. He can get a little too worked up and makes the odd rash challenge but he will keep getting forward and keep getting stuck in. Any chance created yesterday, Rafael played some role in it. Either winning the ball back to start the move or attacking himself. It’s not really saying much and in the grand scheme of things it didn’t really count for anything, after all, we only had one shot on target.

The penalty was stupid. No defending that as it was naïve and needless but Rafael had five attacks, won three tackles, made 35/44 passes and put in two crosses. He genuinely was the only player that looked like he truly cared.

One thing is for sure, if the whole team had shown as much heart as Rafael, then we would have at least had a chance at getting a result.

Under Performer

You could pick any one of a number of players. Robin van Persie was poor, Patrice Evra looked disinterested, Phil Jones looked lost. However, there was one stand out under performer for me – David Moyes.

He was brave and picked a team that most United fans will have been happy with but choosing the right team is only half the battle. Tactically, United were completely devoid of ideas. As the game played out, we saw just why Moyes is having his head called for by so many United fans.

The first half was diabolical. Liverpool kept their tempo high and they were first to everything. Moyes had obviously changed the formation. He reverted to 4-4-2 (with two deep-lying, holding midfielders) and with players that suit a 4-2-3-1. It was ridiculous.

Rooney was closing the ball down way too high and Januzaj and Mata were almost camped on the touchline. The result was a huge gap in the middle of the park and Rodgers sat three in that big hole, knowing they’d be able to dictate play.

After 20 minutes, it was clear it wasn’t working and something needed to change but Moyes changed nothing. 0-1 down by half-time, it ‘desperately’ needed changing but Moyes changed nothing. At the start of the second half, we went 0-2 down – it was time to throw caution to the wind but Moyes changed nothing.

It took him until the 76th minute to change it and even then, it was a strange change. Welbeck needed to be up top where he could hurt Liverpool but instead he replaced Januzaj and was played out wide whilst Cleverley came on for Fellaini, who in no way gave us more of an attacking threat. It just smacked of a manager who had no clue at all what to do.

Suffice to say, Moyes again proved he clearly doesn’t have the know-how to make changes that influence games when the pressure is really on. Some suggest he’s one of the best at running drills in training but in a match, he just doesn’t have what it takes to out-think his opponents when he needs to.

Sadly, that is exactly what being a manager is all about, That’s exactly what he gets paid to do. He topped it off with his post-match interview with Sky:

“Conceding straight after half-time ended our chances,” he said.

Note to Moyes – there were 45 mins left to play. We are United. 2-0 never ends our chances. Your tactics and inability to change things ended our chances.

Today was just another nail in the coffin. The board need to seriously think about what is going on. Would you trust him with £200 million? I wouldn’t even trust him with my dinner money.

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