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West Ham 0-2 Manchester United: Five talking points

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s future looks fluid. It was the first time that Shinji Kagawa and Juan Mata were in the starting line-up together and Manchester United reaped the rewards.

With Wayne Rooney in fantastic form alongside them, United played arguably their most aesthetically pleasing footballing exhibition of the season.

Pass and move football at its best, United had West Ham eating out of the palm of their hand for pretty much the whole game.

Given the question marks asked when the line-up was announced, it was an emphatic response.

We didn’t take two steps backwards. Olympiacos in the Champions League was a fantastic result but there have been too many times this season where a great result has been a false hope followed by a disappointing performance – today was not one of those.

There were so many fantastic individual moments from today: link-up play between Kagawa, Rooney and Mata, Rooney’s individual display et al.

Dare you say it…United might be better without Robin van PersieThis is not an attack on Van Persie, this is a passing judgement on how United play when he isn’t on the pitch.

Van Persie is a fantastic player but his work rate off the ball has never been the strongest part of his game. Without him on the pitch, United had such a refreshing dynamic to their play.

The front four were switching positions regularly and West Ham didn’t have a clue how to stop them.

With Van Persie out for four to six weeks, today’s performance shows that we might be able to cope in his absence.

What a goal from Wayne Rooney. Arguably, Rooney’s goal was better than Beckham’s. He had less time to think about it and hitting a shot like that on the volley, with an added bit of swazz according to Dwight Yorke, is a much harder technique.

Juan Mata‘s unbelievable first touch is a thing of beauty. Watch the video, repeatedly. Enjoy.

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