Marouane Fellaini could be banned for Manchester City game

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini could be retrospectively banned for three games if the FA decides to follow up Sam Allardyce’s comments that he made after the game against West Ham.

Allardyce is angry that Fellaini wasn’t sent-off for what he deemed to be a deliberate stamp on James Tomkins.

“I thought Maraoune Fellaini was lucky not to get sent-off for his foul on James Tomkins,” Allardyce told The Express.


“Probably the ref wasn’t in the right place and that’s why if he has any doubt he can’t give it. You’ve got to be absolutely certain if you’re the referee that you’ve seen what has happened.”

As the referee didn’t see the incident, Fellaini could be banned if the FA wanted to punish him but given that nobody had even mentioned the “stamp” until Allardyce brought it up, it’s fair to say nobody else thought it was a violent move from the Belgian.

Allardyce is barking up a tree here and trying to make something out of nothing, so it is unlikely that the FA will do anything retrospectively for Fellaini. If they did, it would leave United with a seriously weakened midfield for the next three games given Fellaini’s decent run of form.

There have been other more clear cut situations where retrospective punishment hasn’t happened. One more than one occasion, Yaya Toure has gone unpunished for violent conduct so if the FA did decide to follow this through, it would be ridiculous.

Image: Twitter/fino76

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