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Exclusive – Statement from those behind Old Trafford plane banner idea

by Sam Peoples

A protest to organise a plane to fly over Old Trafford this weekend with “CHOSEN WRONG – MOYES OUT” banner behind it looks set to go ahead.

The idea of the banner has been met with plenty of opposition from Manchester United fans but it has not stopped the funds being raised for the stunt to happen.


A statement from “members of the Red Issue forum” who have organised the banner read as follows:

“What I hope to achieve is to to quash the perception that David Moyes has the full backing of the fans.

“The aim is that the media attention that it may attract will help turn the tide against a man who every man, woman and child connected to Manchester United knows full well should not, nor never should have been in the job.

“It is frighteningly obvious that the club have made a catastrophic error of judgement. Moyes is misconstruing the support for the team for support for him and he needs calling out.

“His demeanour in post match interviews is what is so hard to take. One embarrassment after another and he talks so candidly about how it is going take time and just reeks of a man under no pressure.

“There are countless quotes he has made. ‘Making it as hard as we can for Newcastle’, ‘aspiring to be like City’, ‘Liverpool are favourites’ that not only are not the words of a fit and proper manager but are also all geared towards lowering the expectations of the fans and the club.

“What affect must this have on the players?

“The banner is a way to voice the disapproval towards the manager and those backing him, without booing and slating the team.

“We as United fans have shown we were happy to give a manager time but this man does not deserve time because he has never shown any of the qualities in his career to show that any amount of time will yield anything other than what has happened this season.


“If we had a Mourinho, Klopp, Ancelotti, etc, who was struggling, he’d undoubtedly deserve time. Moyes does not.

“Furthermore, a look at Everton’s fortunes since they’ve employed a positive manager further endorses the fact that Moyes did not even do a good job at Everton, he held them back.

“All of these factors, plus many many more all point to the fact that he must leave as soon as possible and not be given any more time to bring the club to its knees.

“Ferguson’s endorsement of Moyes has been a large factor in him still being in position, along with the Glazers.

“A key reason they have not faced any continuous, organised opposition inside the ground, LUHG aside, is there’s too many people worrying about things being ‘scouse’ or ‘small time’ and worrying how it looks.

“These people are always the first to slag off someone trying to do something because we think we’re above other sets of supporters and while the Scousers have ousted Gilet & Hicks, we’ve still got the Glazers and now Moyes.

“It used to be us laughing at them, now its them laughing at us because under Moyes we have fallen to where they were whilst they, under a proper manager, are challenging for honours once again.”

Stretford End Flags have denied any involvement in the stunt.

Scott at The Republik of Mancunia was wrongfully credited with organising it.

There is only one banner that should be flown behind a plane on Saturday.

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