Marouane Fellaini explains his elbow on Manchester City’s Pablo Zabaleta

by Sam Peoples

Marouane Fellaini has claimed his elbow on Pablo Zabaleta was not on purpose and that it was not done in an aggressive manner.

The Belgian was lucky to stay on the pitch as Michael Oliver had a clear view of Fellaini’s elbow but chose to be extremely lenient on him by only handing out a yellow card (not that it changed the outcome of the game anyway).

‘I don’t know, but I certainly didn’t do it on purpose,” Fellaini told the Daily Mail.

“I put my arm up to try and protect possession of the ball, and Zabaleta bounced (his jaw) against it. He was unlucky to make contact.

‘The movement by me was not in an aggressive manner. It was a defensive move to protect the ball.”

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This is one of the first occasions we’ve seen the famous Fellaini elbow in action and there’s not a chance an elbow like that was put up in a defensive manner, sorry Fellaini.

If it was a Yaya Toure who had done that to Rafael, United fans would be outraged.

It was naive of Fellaini to do that and he could have left United with ten men for the majority of the game if Oliver had given him his deserved red card.

Fellaini’s discipline was always going to be a worry for reasons like this but unfortunately for United, his poor form in the big games is where the real worry lies.

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