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PICTURE: First image of “Wrong One – Moyes Out” banner released

by Sam Peoples

On Saturday, Manchester United play Aston Villa at Old Trafford but a set of individuals have decided to completely take the focus away from the football by organising a banner to be flown above the stadium before kick-off.

It sounds like something you’d see in Scary Movie 6 if they decided to focus on football but it really is happening.

Chief pilot Chris Mustow spoke to ITV News about the banner. He said: “We have to ensure we keep the message clean – there’s no swear words in there – can’t be seen to insult people directly and defamation of character.

“This one will be fine – we’re not going to cause a riot or anything.

“In the past we’ve been asked to relay messages of a colourful nature which we’ve declined.

“At the end of the day we’re employed to do a job and that’s what we do.”

There are ways for fans to go about venting their frustration but this attempt to set a precedent is only going to achieve one thing – making Manchester United the laughing stock of the country.

Sure, the goal of making frustration towards Moyes very public will be achieved but is such a crass method necessary?

Image: ITV News

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