Manchester United 4-1 Aston Villa: Five talking points

by Sam Peoples

[tps_header]Manchester United needed to put in a strong performance today ahead of our Champions League quarter final against Bayern Munich and the players delivered after a shaky start.

Aston Villa took the lead but Manchester United responded well and Wayne Rooney inspired the turnaround.

He nodded in the equaliser and followed it up with a great penalty to give United the lead before half-time.

Juan Mata then got his first ever goal for Manchester United and Javier Hernandez wrapped up proceedings late on to make it 4-1.


[tps_title]The plane backfired miserably[/tps_title]

After so much talk this week, the plane banner was a dismal failure from the perspective of those that organised it.

The crowd inside Old Trafford’s response made it clear just how much of a minority the idea was supported by.

When David Moyes walked out, he was greeted to a round of applause by all four sides of Old Trafford and when the plane flew overhead, it was roundly booed. Nothing like a good old fashioned bit of defiance.

Ironically, the plane has made Moyes’ support from match day fans look stronger than ever.

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