Mata is the happiest man in Manchester and understands the club’s ethos

by Sam Peoples

In Juan Mata‘s latest instalment of his weekly blog on Grada 360, the Spaniard’s happiness leapt from the page after a weekend in which he scored his first goal for Manchester United.

A smart finish against Aston Villa finally opened up his goalscoring account for United and nobody was happier about that than Mata himself: “I have enjoyed a relaxed Sunday, it’s been a nice day to take a breath and think things over.

“In football, and also in life, is good to put some distance every now and then, to take some perspective, because everything goes too fast. You should not fall into despair after losing one game or think you are the best after winning another one. Once the season ends it will be time to evaluate things, but I must admit that last Saturday in Old Trafford was a great joy.


“It’s not only about my goal -as I said I will never forget it-, it’s also about enjoying football, about that amazing moment when you and those supporting you feel so happy. Your shout and celebrate, hear the ovation from the fans and you know they are happy…  Believe me, that is the best energy in the world, a feeling I can hardly describe.”

Every week, Mata seems to endear himself more with United’s fans and this week is no different as ahead of the Bayern Munich game, Mata has remained defiant and said that United have never feared any rival.

He added: “Tuesday is just a great day to consolidate that work although, as you know, I am cup-tied for the Champions League for the rest of the season. Bayern is a massive opponent, but United has never feared any rival. I will be supporting my team-mates from the stands once more. We are going to try to win the Champions League but Bayern is a superb squad. We must play a very good game in Old Trafford.”

That’s how we’ve all wanted Moyes to speak all season. Opposition fans and some of the press could jump on Mata’s back for saying such a confident statement but it is what United fans want to hear, whether it is true or not (it is true).  He’s becoming more and more United every week.

It’s such a shame that Mata isn’t eligible for the Champions League but he’ll be watching as a fan and player from the stands no doubt.

Image: Twitter/bleacherreport

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