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Moyes admits Rooney played despite not being able to kick a ball

by Sam Peoples

David Moyes has admitted he knew Wayne Rooney was having problems kicking the ball against Bayern Munich but left him on because he is ‘such a vital player.’

Rooney did nothing but waste opportunities for Manchester United against Bayern Munich and it clear as day that his injury was stopping him from playing properly.

Despite that, Moyes stuck with him and didn’t take him off, much to the dismay of United fans.

“I felt at times tonight he was having a struggle striking the ball but he’s such a vital player for us,” Moyes said.

“I never thought we were out of the game, I always thought we were in with a chance.

“When it was 2-1 we needed to score one more to get us to 2-2, but obviously that didn’t go for us. I thought it was a bit of bad luck in that third goal.”

Playing Rooney when he wasn’t 100% fit because it was such an important game was understandable.

Leaving Rooney on and taking Welbeck off despite Rooney hardly being able to kick a ball properly? The mind boggles.

Earlier this season, Moyes admitted he was scared to take Van Persie off when United were losing because he feared the backlash from fans and he clearly fell foul of that mentality again.

A manager lives and dies by his own decisions and no manager should shape their decisions on public opinion. That’s not what a manager does, he should have the bravery and confidence to make decisions on his own.

All Moyes did in this scenario was hurt United’s ability to attack and undermined his own position as manager at the same time.

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