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Agent of Spanish midfielder confirms talks with Manchester United – report

by Sam Peoples

Reports emerged yesterday that Borja Valero’s agent confirmed he has held talks with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United but it seems the quotes may have been lost in translation.

The 29-year-old Spaniard recently emerged as another midfielder who was linked with a move to Manchester United and Football Direct News reported that his agent Alejandro Camano confirmed talks with the club when speaking to RadioBlu.

They quoted Camano as saying: “The relationship between Fiorentina and Borja is excellent, there is no problem.

“He is very happy in the city and his renewal is a formality. He has interest from a number of clubs and has spoken with Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United but the reality is that he is a Fiorentina player.”

However, Viola News has reported Camano’s quotes completely differently:

“All is happy with Fiorentina for the Italian Cup final, it is a very happy time for all the fans of Fiorentina. The disqualification after the foul with Gervasoni? Borja was very angry because he likes to play all the games. Anyway it’s all part of football.

“Now he is in shape to face the end of the season. The renewal? The report of Borja and his family to Florence and Fiorentina is very good. There are no problems in this regard. Borja is very happy in Florence, I confirm the words of Cognigni: renewal is only a formality.

“Clubs interested? Fiorentina played very well and Borja is part of this. The whole of Europe sees him with great admiration the whole team.

“There is talk of Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Manchester United but the truth is that Borja is a player of Fiorentina. I do not think about other teams, he only thinks about his future with Fiorentina.

“The purple team is one big family, this is about the good work of Montella and what you see in the field is a reflection of that. La Fiorentina is a company with a great history, is widely followed by the television in Spain. Tactically it is a great team.

“Hopes for the World Cup? He would very much like to go to Brazil.”

So, far from Borja Valero’s agent confirming any talks with Manchester United, it seems he was merely discussing the rumours that emerged and with a renewal looking likely for the Spaniard, any move away from Fiorentina looks unlikely.

Image: Repubblica

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