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Guardiola: Kroos can decide if he wants to leave Bayern Munich

by Sam Peoples

Pep Guardiola wants Toni Kroos to remain a Bayern Munich player and has no desire for him to leave the club this summer but insisted the decision would be Kroos’.

The 24-year-old is reportedly going to be offered £260,000 a week by Manchester United to persuade him to move to Old Trafford following Kroos’ delayed contract negotiations over financial parity with Bayern’s highest earners.

Although negotiations haven’t quite gone to plan so far, Guardiola insists those in power at Bayern Munich want Kroos to stay.

“I want Toni to stay. Kalle [Rummenigge] and Matthias [Sammer] want him to stay as well,” Guardiola said.

“He is a superb player and can decide for himself. We want him to stay.”

Although Kroos has the power to decide whether he wants to sign an extension, he won’t be able to leave this summer unless Bayern Munich agrees because he is still under contract, so there is certainly some shared power in this scenario.

Bayern could refuse to sell Kroos this summer but Kroos has the ability to threaten to leave for free next year.

This isn’t the first time that Guardiola has spoken about Kroos’ future at Bayern Munich since rumours linked him with a move to Manchester United.

Here are other things that Guardiola has said on the situation.

28 January: “He is an important player. But it can go fast in football. Here today, there tomorrow.”

20 February: “We all want him to prolong, and he also wants that, I am very positive about it. The club, we all want that.”

1 April: “Toni has one year more on his contract and Toni will remain there. I hope he can extend his contract and stay with us because he’s a very good guy and he loves this game.

“It’s not just a job for him, he enjoys to play football, and I would like him to stay. I spoke with the player, with the club and I gave my opinion. After that, I am not manager, I am just the trainer, so it’s completely different.”

This tit-for-tat public negotiation process has seen both Kroos and Bayern Munich exert pressures of their own on each other and Guardiola’s comments are the latest in a string of statements from the club.

However, with Kroos keen to delay any decision until after the World Cup this summer, it is unlikely that a solution will be found before July.

Image: Twitter/goal

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