Manchester United’s shares soar 10% as rumours of record £600m deal grow

by Sam Peoples

Manchester United’s share price rose over 10% yesterday to fuel speculation that the club will soon announce a record kit deal.

Reports suggest that a £60 million a year deal is being lined up that give Manchester United by far and away the most lucrative deal in club football. By comparison, Real Madrid currently have the biggest worth £31 million a year.

Our current deal, signed with Nike back in 2002/3, is worth £23.5 million but negotiations with Nike have not yet been conclusive, leading to suggestions that any of Adidas, Warrior or Puma could replace them.

When the shares soared to $17.65 yesterday with no real reason that is in the public domain, there were murmurings that it could be to do with a new signing or sacking David Moyes. However, it would be a surprise if that sort of information caused such a massive spike and there are suggestions from those who work closely to the stock exchange that it was indeed to do with the kit deal.

United’s position as one of the most lucrative brands in the world looks set to continue and at a time where the club needs heavy investment, bringing in this sort of money should, in theory, give us a bigger transfer fund in the summer. Key words – in theory.

Image: Twitter/unitedheaven_

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