Gary Neville’s going hibernating if Liverpool win the league

by Sam Peoples

Chelsea’s capitulation at Stamford Bridge this afternoon has effectively handed Liverpool the league.

They can now afford to draw against Chelsea next weekend and still claim the Premier League title.

Fergie spent nearly three decades knocking Liverpool off their perch and in the first year since his retirement, it looks all but certain that Liverpool are going to win the league. Sickening. Cheers, David Moyes.

Already, the Liverpool love-in has started and if they do manage to win their first league title since 1989, this summer’s media coverage is going to be worse than Sky playing Martin Tyler’s Aguero soundbite on repeat.

Gary Neville‘s got a solution and it’s not a bad one…

At least we’ve got the World Cup to distract us before the season starts again.

The most worrying thing about this season is not that we’ve fallen from Champions to 7th, not that Liverpool are probably going to win the league, not that Arsenal are probably going to end their goal drought – it’s that Moyes is probably going to be here next year so this campaign might not be a flash in the pan.

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