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David Moyes should be getting sacked in the morning

by Sam Peoples

Don’t get it twisted – every single Manchester United fan wanted David Moyes to be a roaring success. Fergie told us to stand by him and we wanted to. We did. We tried to.

Losing away to Liverpool? It’s fine. We played worse there under Fergie at times.

Getting trounced away to Manchester City? It’s early doors, we can recover. Our season will get started around November/December.

Losing two on the trot to Newcastle and Tottenham Hotspur? Murmurings had started. This isn’t United. Come on Moyes, get it together. January onwards, we’ll kick start our season.

Losing three on the trot to Tottenham Hotspur, Swansea and Sunderland? What is going on Moyes? This isn’t Everton anymore. This is United. Get your act together and get United playing like the champions we are.

Losing to Chelsea away? Unsurprising yet more fuel to the fire.

Then the Olympiacos defeat. The wind changed direction out in Athens. Fans travelled to Greece full of hope and vigour after a comfortable 2-0 win over Crystal Palace. Away to the Greek minnows? We’d be the indomitable minotaur who’d sweep them aside at arms length en route to the quarter-finals.

Instead, we were Medusa staring into a mirror. Stone dead. We made Olympiacos look like Spartacus.

From then on, United have been tumbling down the mountainside and Moyes has no idea how to stop the avalanche.

Home humilations to Liverpool and Manchester City were inexcusable. If Moyes lost some of the fans in Athens, he did a good job alienating those still in his corner.

Morale was at an all-time low and not even the excitement of going to Germany still in tie was enough to pump adrenaline back into United’s veins as Bayern Munich proved too strong.

Then, Everton away. At the ground he made his name, Moyes may as well have buried his head in the sand because his forlorn figure on the touchlines was about as inspiring as it has been all season. His attitude at the end said it all.

You’re free to sit down Moyes but please do so on the 11.06 from Piccadilly back to Merseyside. You’ve lost my support completely and by the sounds of it, you’re losing the support of those who make the decisions.

The Telegraph‘s Mark Ogden has intimiated it is a case of when, not if, Moyes walks.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the players were playing and fighting for him but he’s lost the dressing room completely.

When you’ve got self proclaimed mad United fan and Manchester born Welbeck considering leaving the club, you know that the tipping point has been well and truly reached.

Moyes has shown he and his staff are horribly out of their depth. Fergie had the belief that they would find their feet and swim. They haven’t. No amount of money is going to change Moyes’ negative philosophy and United need to get rid of him before the rot sets in.


Broken records are going to be the least of United’s problems if Moyes is allowed to continue as manager.

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