Everton 2-0 Manchester United: Five major talking points

by Sam Peoples

The low gets lower. 

Manchester United have been absolutely shocking this season but it just seems to be getting worse with almost every game week.

Today against Everton, calling our performance atrocious is being far too kind. A bunch of six year olds would have put up more of a challenge than United did.

United looked like a Sunday League team rather than the current Premier League champions.

The worst part of it all? Nobody is really surprised. It’s been the norm this year.

Have Manchester United forgotten how to attack?

A team with a front four of Rooney, Kagawa, Mata and Nani should be play hot butter on a plate, dancing around, unable to be contained. Instead, we were a brick of Lurpak in the freezer.

Our first shot came from Kagawa in the 48th minute. We had about as much penetration as an inflatable knife.

Moyes has replaced United’s “attack, attack, attack” mentality with “get back, get back, get back”.

What does Wayne Rooney have to do to be substituted?

Another game and another 90 minutes for Rooney despite the fact that he was not at the races at all.

Rooney wasn’t the only one who underperformed today but Moyes’ refusal to substitute him, no matter how poorly he has played, is unbelievably frustrating as a fan so what must the United players think?

Moyes has got more out of Rooney this year than Fergie did last season but at what cost?

Our record is so poor against the teams above us. 

They say pictures speak 1000 words…


Moyes out.

There’s no two ways about it now – Moyes has to leave.

This is United now. This is how we’re going to continue no matter how much money Moyes is allowed to splash in the market.

We’ve got great players in the team already but he can’t get them to play – why will that change with new players coming in? It won’t.

Before the rot sets in, United need to replace Moyes otherwise this season isn’t going to be a flash in the pan.

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