Manchester United coach has not quit the club despite wildfire rumours

by Sam Peoples

Social media is fantastic for a lot of reasons but giving wind up merchants a platform is not one of them.

After Manchester United’s 2-0 loss against Everton, rumours started to circulate that Phil Neville was going to quit Old Trafford and it spread life wildfire.

Here is the account that spread them, somebody who tried to make themselves look like Oliver Kay from The Times.


Bet365 quickly picked up on it without checking the account’s history and that is the biggest problem. It is easy for a charlatan to represent somebody and get away with due to the impulsive nature of quick news on Twitter.


Neville is still United’s coach and won’t be going anywhere but the biggest indictment about this particular scenario is that the news was met with a lot of happiness instead of dismay.

Manchester United fans have become disillusioned with a coaching staff that look completely out of their depth.

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