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Neville: The whole situation at Manchester United right now is repulsive

by Sam Peoples

Gary Neville has reacted angrily to the current situation at Manchester United with David Moyes and called on the club to make a statement.

Last night, news broke from a variety of reputable sources that Moyes was going to be sacked on Tuesday but the club refused to make a comment on the situation when questioned.

Neville has been a strong believer in giving Moyes time, and still stands by that point, but he has made his disgust towards how the situation has been dealt very clear.

“I think the whole situation at the club right now is repulsive,” Neville said.

“The club really need to make a statement.

“It’s been a world of madness where the average manager gets sacked every 12 months and I’ve always felt Manchester United should be different and hold itself up as club that stands against what is happening in the game.

“We used to laugh at what happened in Italy 20 years ago and say it is ridiculous but now we’ve almost become accustomed to it.

“I think fans are well within their rights (to call for Moyes to go), but I don’t like it when professional people from inside the game come out and suggest the manager should be sacked.

“It isn’t something you’ll hear from me. I’ve never done the job. I do fear for David Moyes because of the explosion that has happened today, but I’m hoping the club will come out and clarify it and it won’t be true.”

Prior to this year, United were watertight and no information ever leaked out of the club.

Now, United have become the polar opposite and this news from Moyes, if proved to be true, is another example of that.

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