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Why you can’t help but smile at Giggs being Manchester United’s manager

by Sam Peoples

Earlier this season when Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was being linked with the Cardiff City job, I found myself daydreaming after getting angry thinking about David Moyes:

Imagine Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as manager, Gary Neville as assistant and Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt as coaches…that’d be magical wouldn’t it?”

Little did I know, less than six months later, that daydream has morphed into a reality. Maybe the Glazers were tapping into my daydreams.

It might only be for four games on an interim basis at the moment but this feeling is what I hoped the post-Ferguson era would give me, something else to be excited about, and there is nothing more exciting than the thought of United’s most successful set of academy graduates running the club and leading it into another new era, with Ferguson watching over from the stands.

class of 92

It’s as romantic as football can get. Four young lads who have almost spent all of their career at the club now taking control of what once controlled them. The player becomes the master. It’s classic Karate Kid.

The club will be in the hands of players who genuinely love it, who have an affiliation that runs deeper than a contract and a handshake. They won’t settle for seeing it crumble because it would be like them watching their own house go up in flames.

In the short-term, Giggs and co. are not ready to take the mantle on a full time basis but under the stewardship of somebody like Louis van Gaal for three years, they could learn the trade from the sidelines and then take the reigns after Van Gaal has steadied the ship.

It’s a utopian view and I would never have thought it was possible for the Class of ’92 to really be in control of United but then again, I never envisaged United finishing 7th in a title defence season, so never say never.

Calls among fans for Manchester United to become a supporter owned club have existed for years thanks to the crippling debt of the Glazers. While that might not be happening any time soon, having the club run by our players, the same players who helped create the Manchester United of today, is at least a step in the right direction, an exciting, very exciting step, even if it is only in the short term for now.

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