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Manchester United are obsessed with making a superstar signing this summer

by Sam Peoples

Last summer, Manchester United tried and failed to sign a host of top class players like Cesc Fabregas and reports all summer long suggested we were in for Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo at separate stages.

Our failed attempts to land a marquee signing wasted so much of our time that we ended up panic buying Marouane Fellaini at the last minute, and it was a prelude to this terrible season.

The Times have reported that the ethos at Manchester United hasn’t changed and this summer will once again see a focus on bringing in a marquee signing.

Manchester United going after the biggest names can’t be seen as a bad thing but Ed Woodward needs to make sure he knows what he is doing this year.

The last thing United need is a signing for the sake of it. Someone bought so Woodward can say ‘look, I can do my job right’. Juan Mata was one of those signings in January, a luxury purchase that did little to fix our problems and unfortunately, the name being banded around most so far is Paris St Germain’s Edinson Cavani.

A top class striker, of that there is no doubt, and he’d score a decent amount of goals but he would not be the man to fix our now embarrassing central midfield problems or defensive issues.

Cavani would cost upwards of £50 million as well. If we’re willing to spend that much money on one player, we should throw everything including the kitchen sink at Juventus for Arturo Vidal. He is the world’s best midfielder in his position and would go some way to really adding quality to our side that simply doesn’t exist right now.

Manchester United cannot afford to make mistakes again this summer. They effectively cost us our title this year and Champions League football next season. Repeating our errors this time around would be catastrophic.

If we are to make a marquee signing, a statement signing, it should be in the positions we desperately need new players, not in an area where we are already well stocked.

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