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Sir Alex Ferguson: Manchester United should make Ryan Giggs manager

by Sam Peoples

Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Ryan Giggs should take the reigns at Manchester United on a full time basis.

Yesterday’s performance was precisely what Giggs promised it would be. Although it was a slow first half, Manchester United attacked with verve, vigour and purpose in the second half en route to a 4-0 thumping of Norwich.

There is going to be a clamouring from Manchester United fans for Giggs’ appointment because there is certainly nothing more exciting than the thought of our Class of ’92 leading us into a new era but despite the risks involved, Ferguson believes Giggs is indeed the right man for United right now.

“I think that he [Giggs] is the one man they should go to really,” said Ferguson.

“He’s got 20-odd years of experience at Manchester United. I signed him as a kid at 13 years of age. He’s gone through the gamut of emotions at the club – he’s experienced all the highs and lows. He knows exactly what’s needed to be a Manchester United player and I was so pleased he brought Paul Scholes back in, and Nicky Butt of course – two great professionals.

“They understand the club, they are hard workers, they are straight as a die. So you have got the right combinations there, there’s no doubt about that.”

Ferguson tried to be romantic when he appointed Moyes – a young, British manager who shared so many characteristics with Ferguson who he hoped could forge his own era was there, but the experiment backfired.

Can United really afford to take that risk on Giggs right now?

Exciting as the idea might be, you can’t help but feel that it is just too soon for Giggs.

Experience cannot be underestimated, especially when you are looking to compete at the very highest level and United are a wounded animal right now. Giving Giggs the responsibility to turn that around has the potential to implode horribly.

There’s no doubt that Ferguson still has influence with the decision despite the Moyes catastrophe but you’d be very surprised if the board agreed to give Giggs the role on a permanent basis.

Giggs should be our manager but not for at least another three years after he has learned more about what it really takes to be successful in the job.

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