Gary Neville really doesn’t want Louis van Gaal as Manchester United manager

by Sam Peoples

Gary Neville believes that Manchester United should be looking at appointing a British manager and giving them an ‘opportunity’ rather than looking at any foreign manager.

In the current circumstancs, it’s a sentimental argument that sounds more agenda driven than anything given Neville’s duties with the national side.

It’s all good and well giving people opportunities but that is precisely what Manchester United did last summer and precisely why we are currently in the situation we find ourselves.

The David Moyes experiment failed catastrophically. Yes, Brendan Rodgers came from a smaller club and has shown that there can be good eggs but Moyes was a rotten egg and Manchester United suffered because of it.

The most pertinent question is to ask what British manager Neville would appoint? Looking down the Premier League table, Tony Pulis is the first to come out of this season with any sort of credibility beyond Rodgers and he’s nowhere near good enough for the job.

There are none available unless Ryan Giggs is his answer, which is a solution that offers no guarantees.

Foreign managers aren’t the bane of football and they don’t take anything away from the core behind it. Manchester United will always have a British spine and that wouldn’t change under Van Gaal.

A quick glance at the squad sees Welbeck, Jones, Smalling, Rooney and Evans in the first squad and the likes of Powell, Lingard, Pearson, Wilson and Rothwell coming through the lower ranks.

Right now, Manchester United should be looking at the CV of a manager and reading his credentials first before looking at his passport, not the other way around. We aren’t in a position to streamline our options with sentiment. If we did that, we could be shooting ourselves in the other foot.

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