Wayne Rooney fears for his Manchester United future under Louis Van Gaal

by Sam Peoples

2010. Wayne Rooney says Manchester United don’t have ambition to sign the world’s best players. Holds the club to ransom and gets a new contract.

2012. Manchester United sign Robin van Persie, the Premier League’s best striker, and go on to storm the Premier League. Instead of embracing the competition, Rooney threw his toys out of the pram and cut a frustrated figure all season.

2013/14. Rooney’s passive aggressive attempts to move away from Manchester United secure him a new £300,000 a week contract.

2014/15. Is Rooney set to revert back to his old 2012 self?

Reports suggest Rooney fears for his place in Manchester United’s side if Louis van Gaal was to take over because Robin van Persie would become his main striker if he were to stay.

Van Gaal has traditionally played a 4-3-3 formation with pacey wingers and Rooney doesn’t fit that formation. Plus, he’d be angry and confused at having to play there in the first place.

You’d be forgiven for thinking that Rooney signing a £300,000 a week deal with Manchester United would put an end to the incessant rumours that happen every transfer window but David Moyes’ sacking has blown that concept out of the water because if Van Gaal is indeed appointed, then there is every chance he could fall out with Rooney due to the aforementioned reasons.

In that scenario, do United sell Rooney this summer? Certainly, the new contract would allow them to command the highest price for him.

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