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Manchester United should go all out to sign Chelsea’s best player (again)

by Sam Peoples

Remarkably, Jose Mourinho has decided to publicly lambast Eden Hazard after Chelsea crashed out of the Champions League at the hands of Atletico Madrid, blaming him for their first goal on the night.

Mourinho’s comments come in response to Hazard criticising how Chelsea play under him and Jose has questioned Hazard’s commitment to the team, calling him a player who is not willing to sacrifice himself for the team.

“When the comments come from a player like Eden it’s normal because he’s not the kind of player to sacrifice himself for the team,” Mourinho said.

“He’s not mentally ready to look to his left-back and leave his life for him.

“Normally you get these kind of comments from players like him, from players that can’t resolve a problem like we had with the first goal.

“If you see Atletico’s first goal, you completely understand where the mistake was and why we conceded that goal.”

If Mourinho is going out of his way to alienate himself from Chelsea fans and to make Hazard feel alienated, he’s done a pretty good job.

There’s probably no other manager in the world that could get away with comments like this but it’s all part of the Mourinho show.

Mourinho alienated Juan Mata and we happily gave him a new home. If he wants to do the same thing with Hazard, we’d welcome the Belgian with open arms.

Manchester United are reportedly willing to spend £56 million on Edinson Cavani, so Woodward should take that cheque, jump on the motorway and hand it personally to Chelsea on a plate because Hazard is exactly what Manchester United do need.

A world class winger who loves to run at the defender with pace, has a bag of tricks up his sleeve, a fantastic passing range and an eye for goal? Yes please.

We could potentially have a Wayne Rooney shaped bargaining tool if he doesn’t want to work under Louis van Gaal, and Mourinho would bite our arm off for him. Say what you want but I’d swap Rooney for Hazard in the blink of an eye.

However, Chelsea selling Hazard is an absolutely ridiculous concept because he is their best player and it would never happen.

Of course, it is about as ridiculous as the thought of selling your two time Player of the Year to one of your biggest rivals halfway through a season.

Image: Twitter/theelastico

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